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Re: compiled madwifi module, how to 'reload' without rebooting

H.S. wrote:
Wayne Topa wrote:

As already answer, your modules for madwifi devices start with ath_.

You will be able to fine 99.95% of your questions about madwifi answered. at <http://madwifi.org/wiki/UserDocs#CreatingInterfacesinmadewfing>

You will find many, many useful tips there as well.

Thanks for the URL, it seems quite informative.

Your Welcome.

  If you spend a lot of time reading all the info on that site you'll be
able to do some real wild things.  I had an old 770 Thinkpad running as
an access point for the whole house and yard. Every linux box here (6) has madwifi cards running. The docs for this are far better then the Manuf. supply. Currently running an old 586 box as the AP because the pci card antenna has more coverage outside the house.


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