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Regarding Sarge updates

This is just a comment, as some folks have said that Sarge is a thing of the 
past, no longer supported, etc.

I've just booted my Sarge install to check out deps for a certain package. As 
usual while booted into a distro, I run apt-get update, and Sarge is 
obviously still getting updates as an apt-get dist-upgrade shows 85 upgraded 
packages, and the need to get some 70.2MB of archives.

The last time I ran apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, according to my 
~/History-files was on 20080109. I can't seriously believe it was that long 
ago, but time passes rapidly these days.

Anyway the thing is that my Sarge still appears to be getting updates, 
although not the current stable (Etch) install.

Also running Etch, and Lenny, but Sid is a bit too near the edge for me.


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