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Re: 64 bit Dual-Core Moron

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 10:27 AM, David Fox <dfox94085@gmail.com> wrote:
> Those, of course, are cpu tests and don't really test out all the
> things in the machine, such as network, disk reads/writes etc.

Another possibility is to run a script that continously compiles a
recent linux kernel, using the -j parameter, upped sufficiently to
ensure that all the memory in the system is exercised. I personally
know an admin that has done that.

Here's one writeup, but references rather old hardware. It might be a
starting point.


He's only doing one compile job repeatedly through a shell loop, and
obviously his test subjects wouldn't fare well on a make -j # because
there's not enough system ram to get the job done. I'm trying to find
the writeup, but if you ask nicely this gentleman
(rick@linuxmafia.com) about how to go about this, he might be able to

Also see the linuxmafia knowledge base www.linuxmafia.com/kb although
I can't quite see the writeup he shared sometime ago about it - but it
basically involved running something like make -j 256 on the linux
kernel, in a shell loop, for something like 24 hours. (And that system
was *heavily* loaded !!) ;)

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