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Re: error messages from apt-get

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 4:53 PM, Vwaju <lou@manhattanhandyman.com> wrote:
> Couldn't I add  http://packages.debian.org/sarge to /etc/apt/
> sources.list and then say:

Not a good idea, because then you'd be mixing distributions, and sarge
is Pretty Old Now.

I haven't played with xlispstat in several years. I couldn't tell you
why it's not available in etch.

It's not available in ubuntu either, and I carry all repositories (or
at least have access to them). Funny.

Looking at the wikipedia article, one of the referrer pages goes 404
on me, which isn't proof of anything (sample size of one, remember) :)
but it may be that the project is dormant. But then again, the link in
google (stat.umn.edu) also gives me a 404.

You could however, add the sarge *source* repositories* and then build
an xlispstat package from sources on etch.

But then again, you might want to look at R.

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