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Re: display on remote machines?

El mié, 30-07-2008 a las 18:56 +0100, abdelkader belahcene escribió:
> Hi,
> I ve send this message many times and don't receive a correct
> answer !!?, I hope that somebody gives me a hint.
> I have a serveur running an application, to be simpler gnome-terminal,
> I want to run on my serveur gnome-terminal and receive on a remote
> machine the display,  in other word I want to redirect the omage to
> remote machine.    On remote machine I disabled controle with   xhost
> +,  on serveur I tried   gnome-terminal  --display= ,
> but it failed  with unknown display ( which is my
> remote machine ),  I tried  export DISPLAY=   then
> gnome-terminal, same problem.

The other guys are right, you *should* use ssh for this.

Anyway, for what you're trying to do to work you have to make sure that
the Xserver in the remote machine was not run with the '-nolisten tcp'

Also, you should not use xhost, xauth is the right way to go.

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