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Re: OT: Audiophile grade music server using several flavors of Debian

gary turner wrote:

It's a little late now, but why would you choose a class A amp over a class B or AB push-pull amp? Input to the finals approaches zero in class B with no input signal. Back in the day, when I had more of a clue about these things, I found the B or more usually the AB (just slightly biased for plate/collector current) to be inherently more linear, with fewer harmonic products (as seen on a scope in both the time and frequency domains).

Are there advantages to class A as heard by the discerning ear?

I bought the amp around 1998. At the time it was the best sounding amp I have heard that was in my budget, with my speakers and room. I wanted an amp that would last me the next 20 years, and if you read about how this thing is built I don't think it will disappoint. I was also lucky enough to spot a used Aleph L preamp (for a steal) a few years after getting the Aleph 5; I will not part with this combo for a long long time. Probably be able to pass them down to my grandkids, if I ever have any.

Here is the link to the specs and manual: http://passlabs.com/pdf/old%20product%20manuals/a5man.pdf

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