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Re: OT: Audiophile grade music server using several flavors of Debian

Timo Boettcher wrote:
Why did you use the 3c2 that is intended as a router, but not the 1c [1]?
It has vga, network, usb, and even sound onboard (spdif, too, if you are
willing to build an adapter yourself [2]). Be careful with the PCI-slot
of the alix1c though, it doesn't provide +12V/-12V, so most soundcards
won't work.

It was smaller, a bit cheaper, slightly (3 vs 6 watts) more efficient. I did not want a monitor in my living room, and I did not need VGA for the installation as I am comfortable using SSH or a serial console. I also had no interest in S/PDIF as I want to buy a USB based DAC in the future. It probably puts out less digital noise than the more complex 1c too, but I'm just speculating on this last point.

Software wise, I wanted: MPD on the server, FLAC files served to the MPD server
No real alternatives to that...

I agree. MPD is pretty nifty. Stable as hell too.

A Nokia N800 running MMPC (http://mmpc.garage.maemo.org/) if I could
find one used at a decent price.
I didn't find this gui at that time, so I wrote my own [3]. It runs
without X (just SDL+framebuffer), and uses a touchscreen I got on ebay from
some car-modding-guy. GPM has experimental support for these kind of
touchscreens in the current version.
I can control it via touchscreen or via my own LIRC-compatible infrared
receiver [4].

Is that posted on the MPD wiki? If not, you should put it up. Looks like it would make a great digital jukebox for a bar as well.

My Kill-A-Watt registers 3 watts max consumption when the ALIX is
playing FLAC files
I have a small via epia system since I wanted to use a real soundcard, with a via C3 533MHz, 512MB ram, and a CF-to-IDE [5] adapter.

I investigated the VIA's extensively. They were just too expensive, and not as efficient for what I wanted. I could not even justify using it as a MythTV box, as I don't watch much TV at all these days. The atom based Intel board wasn't considered either; the chipset has a fan and consumes more power than than the CPU itself, and you need a standard ATX power supply or spend more money on a pico PSU.

I don't recall what the VIA's consume, but I wanted a machine that was under 10 watts running Linux. I'm glad I went with the ALIX. Not only does my Class A amplifier consume 300 watts at the outlet no matter what the volume, but Con Edison in New York is raising their electric rates by %22 soon.

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