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Re: apt upgrade sarge -> etch udev error can't get past it. Ideas?

On 07/22/2008 04:26 PM, Mitchell Laks wrote:

I am upgrading an old server to etch to be able to use new sata drives. I followed
the release notes.

You only need a kernel upgrade for that.

I first did apt-get upgrade
then I did
apt-get install initrd-tools

then i installed linux-image-2.6.18-686
at this point i got an error from udev. It said that the
install of udev failed at the pre install script with error 1.
or something like that.
I tried apt-get install -f
but it did not help.

how can i get at the pre install script and see
what the error is?

I want to avoid just reinstalling etch from scratch if I can.

How to go about debugging the error? 1. Make it more verbose

Place "set -x" at the top.

and 2. find the script - where is it kept?


3. then edit the preinstall script and fix the problem? also I notice that now the machine will not recognize the ethernet device eth0, which is irritating and probably secondary
to the messed up udev.

Udev is not absolutely necessary for many systems. When I upgraded to Etch from Sarge, I left udev disabled for several months. The static device nodes work fine under Etch, so I disabled udev by removing execute permissions from udev and udev-mtab in /etc/init.d/ .

I'm not a big fan of udev because of the consternation it has caused me and others.

I hate to bring up sarge-> etch issues
as they are old hat as I mostly run sid on my workstations.
But this is an old server



Sarge was good O/S. If security support had been maintained for Sarge, I'd probably still be using it.

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