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Re: Glacial ClearWire Download

Kent West wrote:
I'm having to download a lot of data via an aptitude dist-upgrade, and the download process is glacial, pulling down 6Kbs or 90Kbs, dial-up to just-barely-better-than dial-up speeds. I'm using ClearWire, but saw even slower speeds on Xanadoo (also a wireless ISP). A Windows computer in another room (shared through a Linksys wireless/switch ran really slow with the Xanadoo; I'm unsure about the ClearWire. Is my problem likely to with the ISPs, or with something internal to the local network?

(I can't say if these slow speeds are normal for ClearWire; this isn't my house/network/computer; I do know they switched from Xanadoo to Clearwire because they borrowed a ClearWire modem for a week and it was SO much better than Xanadoo speeds.)

Are there some tests/diagnostics to determine if the problem is local (malware spewing out traffic from the Windows box, congesting the local net; flakey router; misconfigured NIC on this Debian box; etc?)?

I just did a Sid dist-upgrade on a dialup. I built myself a tool that shows average download speed and it was set to max for a dialup:41 hours 610 packages.


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