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Re: OT: Audiophile grade music server using several flavors of Debian

Jochen Schulz on 21/07/08 06:35, wrote:
Nick Lidakis:
I had been researching way to assemble an audiophile grade music server since early last year for my dedicated listening room. There were several ready to go retail (Sonos, Slim Devices, McIntosh, etc.)

I don't know whether it suits audiophile needs, but this is my setup:

- Roku Soundbridge hooked via coax to my hifi system and to my LAN

- mt-daapd a.k.a Firefly running on my home server, serving FLAC, Vorbis
  and MP3 files. Everything but MP3 will be streamed as WAV to the
  Soundbridge because it cannot decode it itself.

Unfortunately, the Soundbridge always resamples everything it plays to
20Bit / 48kHz. But I cannot claim to hear any difference because of

I use mt-daapd but it snips the last 2 seconds off the end of every song. Never looked into it because I mainly play music direct from the box where the songs are.

What does the Soundbridge do? I can't figure it out looking at it on amazon. I feed the audio output from the audio card on my PC direct into the hifi. So what's the extra hardware for?


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