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Re: debian/unstable: iceweasel segmentation fault

Bruno Voigt wrote:
I'm currently not able to start iceweasel

ii iceweasel 3.0.1-1 lightweight web browser based on Mozilla ii iceweasel-gnome-support 3.0.1-1 Support for GNOME in Iceweasel

Same result as with 3.0~rc2-2 0:
bruno@wks:~$ iceweasel
Segmentation fault

bruno@wks:~$ iceweasel -safe
Segmentation fault

System ist debian/unstable uptodate.

On other debian/unstable systems it still works.

I just updated a box yesterday and am seeing the same problem. I haven't had time to debug it yet, but one thing I noticed is that when I run ldd against /usr/bin/iceweasel, it dies also. This leads me to believe the problem is deeper than a mere iceweasel problem.

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