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Re: Help filing bug report; can't use automated tool, does this report look OK?

Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net>:
>  On 07/17/08 10:44, Arthur A wrote:
> > Ron Johnson wrote:
> > >
> > > Why can't you use reportbug?
> > 
> > Thanks, as for why, I'm not entirely sure. It gets setup ok, seems to
> > run fine, but it always fails at the end before even trying to send the
> > report. I can sometimes find a temporary file with the report, but
> > sometimes not.
>  Send the contents of your ~/.reportbugrc file.
>  For example:
>  $ grep -v \# ~/.reportbugrc
>  reportbug_version "3.17"
>  mode standard
>  ui text
>  email "ron.l.johnson@cox.net"
>  smtphost "smtp.east.cox.net"

That's so ancient!?!  You're a dinosaur!   :-)          [inside joke].

(0) phreaque /home/keeling_ grep -v \# ~/.reportbugrc
reportbug_version "3.31"
mode standard
ui text
realname "s. keeling"
email "keeling@nucleus.com"

> > More than likely I'm doing something wrong, but rather than spend time
> > figuring it out I figure it would be easier to just gather the info myself.
>  That's... well, that's the Windows Way.

It's the (l)user way.  We should always be trying to find a way for
the machine to do the heavy lifting.  That way, we'll have more time
to think, and room to breath.  Between all of us, we've handed him the
solution on a silver platter.  It should be a matter config tweaks and
tests.  I know, (l)users don't do that sort of thing, but we can hope.

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