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Re: [rant] Dear Thunderbird/Enigmail users

* Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org) [18.07.08 20:30]:

> There are many procmail recipes floating around that convert inline pgp
> into mime. I see that you're a mutt user, so the closest example to hand is
> presumably /usr/share/doc/mutt/PGP-Notes.txt.gz. Or google will find
> numerous others, including others that have been posted to this very
> list.

I don't use promail, and don't need to: mutt has an option, for not 
showing it:

"    Also note that using the old-style PGP message format is strongly 
     deprecated.  (PGP only)

     Type: boolean
     Default: no

     If set, mutt will automatically attempt to decrypt traditional PGP 
     messages whenever the  user  performs  an  operation  which 
     ordinarily would result in the contents of the message being 
     operated on.
     For example, if the user displays a pgp-traditional message which 
     has not been manually checked  with the check-traditional-pgp 
     function, mutt will automatically check the message for traditional 

And I'm capable of typing ESC shift p.

But I intentionally copied the last sentence of the option before.

I think the most GUI Clients silently check for inline pgp, Thunderbird 
for sure.
Since the most users, don't realize that they are using the old format, 
I thought I should make them aware of that.

OK, I could blame enigmail for using this default, but I stated before, 
why it seems to be that way.

But as the users intentionally choose to sign their messages, they could 
check the options, before using it.

Most of all, it annoys me that all DSA messages are signed inline, 
therefor the rant.


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