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Re: need help with chroot

El mié, 16-07-2008 a las 21:13 -0400, Thomas H. George escribió:
> The man page and a google search gave minimum info except for the link 
> to www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-tip.en.html.  Following by 

I think that document is a little out of date. The 'MAKEDEV generic' for
example, is not commonly used nowadays.

> rote the prompts in I think I succeeded in installing a minimal 
> Etch installation though the prompt never changed to chroot # when I 
> entered chroot /bkup/etch-root /bin/bash and a subsequent command 
> apt-setup was unknown.  (I started by making the directory 
> /bkup/etch-root as I have lots of hard drive space in /bkup while 66% of 
> / is used.)

As I said, this document seems out of date. Apt-setup is not in lenny
and I guess it's the same for etch.
Try the debootstrap manpage instead.

> Next I proceeded to again following the instructions by rote.  
> Now Ctl-Alt F8 allows a login as root with no password to an empty 
> directory.


> Is there a good thorough exposition of the uses of chroot?

'man chroot' is a good start. For the specific use of creating a debian
chroot, you might prefer debootstrap(8).
Also, there's a lot of posts on the list about these (there were some
recently) and definitely a lot more in google.

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