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Re: [OT] How to Analyze/Study Source Code?

2008/7/16 Amit Uttamchandani <auttamchandani@canoga.com>:

>  4. doc++ - Documentation system that generates LaTeX/html. Latest
> upload was on dec 2002.

Doxygen could also work here. It's more recent, and it does more
languages than just C or C++. I frequently use it to document my own
code, and for undocumented code, you can run it through Doxygen and at
least get call graphs, class hierarchies, and other rough indications
of what's going on with the code.

When faced with new code, if I want to figure out what's going on,
usually the first thing I do is first figure out what I want to know
about the code, then run the code through a debugger, break when
something interesting is going on, see where in the code that
happened, and then trace the code from there. Sometimes I also just
grep the code for what could be interesting things, if I already have
a rough idea of what I'm looking for. Other times I wander aimlessly
through it.

- Jordi G. H.

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