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Re: apt-get dist-upgrade removes random packages.

Achim Bode wrote:
Hugo wrote:
Achim Bode wrote:

I dist-upgrade from etch to unstable. I change my sources.list,
    performed a apt-get upgrade and be informed that some package will
    be removed. gallery2 concerns me in particular since it not
    obsolete in testing. Is something wrong with my database or do I
    misunderstand something?

See my earlier query and the answer from Daniel Burrows: try running

aptitude -s dist-upgrade

and that will tell you much more about the reasons that removal is suggested.
But how to avoid it is another question ;-)


thanks for this suggestion. I figured out that installing php5-mysql in etch solved the problem. gallery2 depends on php5-mysql or php4-mysql or some postgres drivers in etch, but php4-mysql is not available in testing. I can see that is difficult for dist-upgrade to make a decision for the mysql driver in gallery2 probably without knowing that php4 is deprecated in favor of php5. So fare I did not do the dist-upgrade, but I do not see that php4-mysql will be removed from my system.

Do you think I should file a bug, and if where?

I tend to file bugs for problems that I have no workaround for. Since you solved your problem I would not.


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