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Sf: Discover The Secrets of Making Change Works for You and ...

No matter how we feel about it, the one thing we can always count on is that things are going to change. What we may not realize is that how we handle change affects the quality of our lives. Whether it is a new CEO, market opportunity, corporate vision, product line or job responsibility, any change in our work life can generate strong emotions. We may feel joy, hope and enthusiasm. But more often change frightens us. However, if we learn how to manage change effectively, we become less afraid of the unknown and more excited about the opportunities it may brings.


To find out the details on how to manage change effectively, come and join our “Accelerated Change Management” (Code: DNS802) workshop. Conducted by Dr. Steven Khaw, the most inspiring corporate trainer in management, leadership and sales programs, this inspiring workshop will be held on 28th July 2008, (Monday) from 9.00am till 5.00pm at Palace of Golden Horses Hotel, Selangor.



Our official price for the workshop is at RM888.00 per participant. However, if you take advantage of Special Package Deal Promotion, you only pay RM458.00 per participant and it is 100% HRDF claimable Call anyone of us now for registration or further details.



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