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RE: Using apt to install only one package

>I don't mind installing more packages than what I had thought I needed:

>I am quite happy to believe that apt knows more than I do about what is

>best for my machine!!
>I was just concerned that with my sources.list opened up to a Sid 
>repository temporarily for the purposes of this operation - to retrieve

>a kernel header for the nVidia driver - that if apt downloaded and 
>installed a whole bunch of other packages that I would end up in the 
>sticky situation of having a mixed set of libraries. I have a lot of 
>work that I need to get on with, so the last thing I needed was an 
>unstable system because I'd gotten Lenny and Sid libraries all
>Hence my reluctance to walk down that particular road without getting a

>clearer sense of what was going on.
>If it is a case of allowing apt to do its thing, then who am I to argue

>with that. I would like to use the 2-6-25 kernel, but to be honest am 
>not wedded to needing to do so, so am relaxed about proceeding

Well I can't guarantee that it will all be smooth sailing when using Sid
packages. It should work, but obviously mileage varies. You do not want
to do an apt-get upgrade or anything like that but just a simple
'apt-get install package' may work for you. I do not foresee a reason
why you would need to change your kernel or to change anything but the
dependencies required by the package being upgraded by apt-get.

I wish you the best.

Have fun!
Chris Stackpole

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