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Re: prob. w. wordpress + php5

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Sid has dropped apache in favor of apache2.

Apache2 does not have php4 support, only php5.

But WordPress, in particular the Textile 2cb plugin, has a bug in it using php5 that makes enumerated lists come out wrong.

I have the version of sid with apache + php4 on a mirror.

I want to install my system from scratch using the most recent sid but stay with apache + php4 from my mirror.

How would I do that?

It's either that or change the plugin because it is no longer supported by its author.

What lists look like in WP with php5 and the Textile 2cb plugin:


what they look like with php5 and that plugin:


Clearly different: I prefer to stay with php4!

There actually is another option, that "fixes" the problem:


It involves writing a program to correct the ending of all itemized and enumerated lists by inserting a comment: <!-- -->

Mysql has a terrific dump program that creates a text file of the entire db and puts all the posts on one line that begins with INSERT INTO 'wp_posts'

The program would go into that one line and change all the endings.

And Sid will merrily upgrade with php5 and I don't care!


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