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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

Steven Maddox (Cyorxamp) wrote:

All we have to do is form an official sister project that makes a slightly tweaked version of stable (Etch) with a different Kernel that doesn't contain the binary firmware.
This sister project can act as a constant reminder we use binary firmware and keep us focussed on (one day, I admit its a long way off) moving towards that goal. And hopefully eventually (personal opinion here) GNU/Hurd... so it no longer matters anyway.

Debian has the upper hand in servers, stability, and multi architecture... it's time we show FSF why endorsing an OS that _only_ a x86 desktop-orientated OS is not enough.

One of the reasons I chose Debian when I started in Linux years ago was because Debian was committed to Free.

As I read your rant here, I find myself in basic agreement with you. However, not being a coder, and not having organizational skills to herd cats and the like, I'm not sure I have any ability to help except perhaps as a cheerleader (and being lazy and basically unexcitable, not a very good one).

Still, I very much like the idea of Debian being known as the reference (i.e. the "one-and-only-True") GNU distribution. (I've always wished Hurd was mature enough to use.)


NOTE: I only use Dreamlinux occasionally to see how its doing, I'm not a regular user and this isn't an advert - I'm using it as an example of a 'not so bad fork'.


To some degree these Sporks (less than forks) make me think a win for them, is at the very least a small win for us... if we can have official KDE leaning and XFCE leaning editions of Debian (alternate CD1's) then these are like unofficial editions of debian with their own cause... but not straying totally on two feet from our project like Ubuntu.

I had not been aware of DreamLinux. Generally when I recommend Linux to someone, I recommend Debian (via http://www.goodbye-microsoft.com for ease of installation) or Ubuntu (Debian-based). Now that I'm aware of DreamLinux, I'll take it for a spin in the next day or so, and probably started recommending it instead of Ubuntu. (I've always felt just a tad "dirty" recommending Ubuntu; now perhaps I can feel better about my recommendations.)


Now for my final rant...
I've been using testing (Lenny)...


Every day there's a good twenty odd updates which makes sense since it is -testing-. A few months back I couldn't even boot up because lilo had updated and screwed the boot up process (don't say use grub, there's a good reason why I use lilo) but I fixed it, woo! I don't really mind the fixing of stuff and that was barely a problem (only a few hours :S). At the moment I can't use my number pad keys and every now and then focus gets stuck on an individual object (like a text box) in a program and you can't click or do anything else _on_ anything else. This occurred a could of week back... _after_ updates ;P DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN.

I've found that for me, running Sid is less painful than running Testing.

Kent West     <*)))><

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