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Re: i386 or amd64?

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 8:05 AM, Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am about to buy the mobo that Doug Tutty has: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe, albeit
> with a more moderate AM2 processor: AMD Athlon X2 4050e 2.1GHz 45W 65nm
> Dual-Core.

You should be able to keep the current installation and run everything
32-bit, but as a recent convert to amd64 (here, an ecs 6100-pm-m
motherboard, I elected to switch to ubuntu :) amd64. Partly due to a
disk provisioning problem and a little lack of foresight, I suppose -
my oldest and most smallest disk on lenny was an old 1.6 gig maxtor,
and it held /var, and there simply wasn't enough room (or ide headers)
to put all 3 ide drives in, plus 2 new sata devices.

For the stuff that I do, amd64 works better. Most everything is 64
bit, but of course there are those things that are only available in
32-bit user space. Fortunately, I've found that they all run fine with
the intel32 lib packages installed, and there's little reason if any
to set up a chroot. Not that I've found, anyway.

And, I paid for the extra bits, so why not use them?

> Question I have is what do I run on it, I would prefer restoring a current
> i386 system on it and then go on from there.

You could - what prevents you from booting off your existing media?

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