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Re: Firefox not showing in Applications menus

Bret Busby wrote:


I have Firefox installed on my system (Debian 4.0), and today an update for firefox showed, and was installed using the system update system.

With the recent problems with Iceape, I thought that I would try Firefox.

Synaptic shows that I have Firefox installed, but I can't find it in the Applications menus.

I have looked in both the top level Internet menu, and in the Debian->Apps->Net menu, and in the Office menu (in case it got inserted in there), and the Other menu, but I cannot find Firefox.

How do I run Firefox, if I cannot find it, and, why, when it is installed, and, updated by the orange star icon that shows updates are available, does it not appear in the Applications menus?

You really mean FF or iceweasel?

hugo@debian:~$ which firefox
hugo@debian:~$ which iceweasel



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