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Re: Giving up on Iceweasel 3.0

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 07/03/08 06:21, Anthony Campbell wrote:
Well, I struggled with iceweasel 3.0 from Sid for a week but have now
given up. First, printing no longer worked (see earlier posts). I got it
to work, sort of, by using inotifywait and printing the mozilla.ps file
but it wasn't a good solution. Then I found I could no longer listent to
the BBC: attempts to do so caused a crash. This makes it largely useless
so far as I am concerned.

While I have no doubt that you are having problems, neither of those
issues are happening to me.  My printer (blandly named "lp") shows
up in the Print dialog box, and have RealPlayer 10.0.9-0.1 installed
from debian-multimedia.org, so that's the format I choose when I
click on a BBC Radio station.

Here are the pages I tested:

So I've installed the version from Testing and propose to stay with that
unless and until these bugs are fixed. I know there are said to be
security issues with older versions of the browser but I shall have to
hope for the best.

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I've pretty much given up on Iceweasel 3.0 too. It has seg faulted on my main workstation ever since it entered Sid. I have yet to get it to open a single web page. I've turned in bug reports, as have a few other people with the same problem, but nothing has been fixed yet. I just gave up and installed Firefox 3.0 from a tar package and Opera as Epiphany has the same failing and I don't like Konqueror.
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