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Re: [Sidux] AMD Sempron 64 bit kernel (Gateway laptop)?

On 2008-07-06 23:13 +0200, s. keeling wrote:

> Hi.  I'm somewhat confused and in uncharted territory.  I just bought
> this laptop second hand.
> Which kernel is this CPU supposed to be using?  I've been testing with
> Sidux for the moment (2008-06 (?) 2.6.25-10).  It refused to boot on
> their AMD images ("... detected i1586[sic] CPU.").
> This thing ought to be running an amd64 kernel, shouldn't it?

Not necessarily, AFAIK.  Some of these Mobile Semprons don't support

> "Mobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3300+" in /proc/cpuinfo, 800 Mhz.
> Gateway laptop.

Look under flags: it is a 64bit processor if and only if "lm" is present


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