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Re: strange gs problem: unicode encoding problem with pdf (?)

Am Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008 schrieb hh.eu@gmx.de:
> Florian Kulzer at 2008-06-03 20:44+02:00:
> > I suspect that something is not quite kosher with the PDFs that your
> > bank generates. The fact that they work with the Adobe reader does not
> > necessarily mean that they conform 100% to the PDF specification.
> According to the version string, your original file is supposed to be
> an Acrobat 4 file (i.e. PDF 1.3).
> I opened your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 (on a Macitosh) and
> used the "preflight" function to do a little testing/converting:
> 1) Report PDF syntax issues:
> "This Preflight profile executes a low level check for the current
> document. Any issues it reports point to possible problems on the PDF
> syntax level. Not all issues reported necessarily mean that the PDF
> cannot be used successfuly. In some cases it may be possible to
> resolve the reported issues by doing 'Save as' in Acrobat or by using
> PDF Optimizer. The information reported may only be meaningful to
> developers and PDF experts."
> This returned "No problems found".

Many thanks for testing this with Acrobat Professional. Points somewhat 
towards the gs backend and not to an invalid pdf. That is valuable input.

> 2) Compatible with Acrobat 4:
> "Makes the current PDF compatible with Acrobat 4 and saves it as a
> PDF 1.3 document. Among other things flattens layers and transparency
> and reduces image bit depth from 16 to 8 bit if necessary."
> According to the output, this did indeed flatten layers and
> transparency (and inflated the file from 56 KB to 76 KB).
> I'm sending you the result of the execution of profile 2) (in a
> private message) so you can test if that modified version works.
> (You can put that file online if you wish, to let others have a look,
> too).

Thanks for that. I cannot print the pdf you sent either.

For reference:

The original pdf: http://bokomoko.de/~rd/uncompressed.pdf
You Acrobat 4 compatible pdf: 

> I could produce other converted files for you (Acrobat 5
> format, ...), but I don't think this would help.

I think so too.

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