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Re: strange gs problem: unicode encoding problem with pdf (?)

Florian Kulzer at 2008-06-03 20:44+02:00:
I suspect that something is not quite kosher with the PDFs that your
bank generates. The fact that they work with the Adobe reader does not
necessarily mean that they conform 100% to the PDF specification.

According to the version string, your original file is supposed to be an Acrobat 4 file (i.e. PDF 1.3).

I opened your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 (on a Macitosh) and used the "preflight" function to do a little testing/converting:

1) Report PDF syntax issues:

"This Preflight profile executes a low level check for the current document. Any issues it reports point to possible problems on the PDF syntax level. Not all issues reported necessarily mean that the PDF cannot be used successfuly. In some cases it may be possible to resolve the reported issues by doing 'Save as' in Acrobat or by using PDF Optimizer. The information reported may only be meaningful to developers and PDF experts."

This returned "No problems found".

2) Compatible with Acrobat 4:

"Makes the current PDF compatible with Acrobat 4 and saves it as a PDF 1.3 document. Among other things flattens layers and transparency and reduces image bit depth from 16 to 8 bit if necessary."

According to the output, this did indeed flatten layers and transparency (and inflated the file from 56 KB to 76 KB).

I'm sending you the result of the execution of profile 2) (in a private message) so you can test if that modified version works. (You can put that file online if you wish, to let others have a look, too).

I could produce other converted files for you (Acrobat 5 format, ...), but I don't think this would help.


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