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Re: answer button in Skype client

2008/7/4 PETER EASTHOPE <peasthope@shaw.ca>:
> Folk,
> In Skype in Xfce4 in Lenny with kernel
> 2.6.24-1-686 a click on the answer button fails to
> open an incoming call.  This happens on an IBM
> NetVista 6578-RAU and not on another generic
> machine.  Usually I am able to call back but the
> problem certainly wastes time and aggravation.
> Has anyone an explanation or solution?

I had this problem with the Skpye 2.x beta for Linux (don't remember
which kernel I was on, it was an Ubuntu kernel though). The Skype 2
releases don't suffer from this from what I've seen. The current
version is so you might want to try that:

Dotan Cohen


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