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Re: Lenny

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 6:24 AM, Daniel Ngu <daniel.dy.ngu@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I read that Lenny will be released sometime in September this year.
> I've been using Etch and am contemplating on moving to Lenny now instead.
> How's usable is Lenny at the moment, in particular the Beta2 version
> or should I wait till later.

For me, more usable than Etch (Thinkpad T60). As always, it needs a
little tweak here, a little tweak there, but I'm more than happy with
it. If your harddrive is more than 40GB, you can very comfortably
dualboot (using 20GB for each install) so you can have 2 versions of
debian installed at the same time...


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