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Re: Some interconnectivity

On Thursday 03 July 2008 12:42:48 debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> > I installed a nice free fold syncer "goodsync" to sync some active work
> > folders with copies on the Linux using FTP. Works fine with one
> > interesting caveat: I has filed marked at modified on the linux machine
> > and I did not touch them there! The linux file times also are sometimes
> > off by two hours as shown on the xp machine in goodsync's listing.
>   I don't know much about goodsync, but you might want to check out
> Unison for synchronizing directories over machines.  I've had good luck
> with it.

Goodsync is running on the windows XP.Does Unison?

> > I cannot forward X from the putty. Maybe I need a bidirection enable in
> > the firewall to do that.
>   I can't tell you how to do it, but you don't need an extra firewall
> rule for this -- all the forwarded X traffic goes over the existing ssh
> connection (which presumably gets through you firewall just fine).

So do I uncheck all the X protocols in both directions, enabling SSH is 

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