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Some interconnectivity

At my job, I have an XP machine. At home, Debian.

I allowed protocols in the firewall from my local machine to "DMZ" at put the 
work server on that.

I set up dovecot, IMAP server. Outlook uses this just fine.
I installed a windows putty, ssh's just fine.
FTP works just fine.

I installed a nice free fold syncer "goodsync" to sync some active work 
folders with copies on the Linux using FTP. Works fine with one interesting 
caveat: I has filed marked at modified on the linux machine and I did not 
touch them there! The linux file times also are sometimes off by two hours as 
shown on the xp machine in goodsync's listing.

I installed xming, a free x-windows for windows.Cygwin might work better but I 
do not want to install all of that. I can bring of an xterm on the home 
machine at work. I could even bring up "konsole" but that ran awful slow so 
was unusable. From the xterm, I can run other goodies. Fonts do not look that 
great, however. I do not know how to enable the xfs/xftt service.

I cannot forward X from the putty. Maybe I need a bidirection enable in the 
firewall to do that.

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