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Re: DNS agent for dynamic IP addresses

Carl Fink wrote:

OK, so actual experience is trumped by generic references to some sort of
unspecified documentation?  Realize that real ISPs, notably a friend of
mine's, do in fact change his IP address at least once per day.

I have experience with two main ISPs where I live. Both usually give me a new IP address when my ppp0 connection is remade for any reason. However, if my connection doesn't break, my IP remains the same. For example, my current IP has been with me for the last 4 or so days, since when I restarted the router machine after a kernel upgrade. Prior to that, I had the same IP for a few weeks.

I am not sure I understand the necessity of your friend's ISP to change an IP address of a client once a day. Or I am not getting the full picture here.

BTW, I use dyndns.org to point a domain name to my IP address, the address is kept up to date with the no-ip package on my Debian machine.

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