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Re: TMDA and postfix (debian)

On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 12:15 -0300, Márcio Luciano Donada wrote:

> Someone has some practice with postfix and tmda in debian? Any hint is
> welcome. Follow the official documentation of TMDA.

TMDA (and AFAICT, all other challenge/response mailers) was removed from
Debian quite some time ago as Challenge/Response is the Wrong Thing and
Considered Harmful.

Don't use any C/R system on email ever:  You WILL get yourself fairly
widely blacklisted by doing so at this point.  If you or your users
subscribe to mailing lists, don't use TMDA, you WILL piss off people
sending messages to the mailing lists you or your users are on, if not
the listmaster.

Paul Johnson

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