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Re: project: wired/wireless router

Gregory Seidman wrote:

Once I have the hardware, it's just a matter of figuring out how to set up
the iptables for NAT routing and appropriate firewalling. Actually, since I
don't have wireless needs at the moment, I can start working on it this
weekend even before I receive the wireless card, assuming I have sufficient
hubs (which I might).

For iptables, you probably want to look into various packages that already do this. Firestarter comes to mind, but I am not sure if it will measure up to your two lans requirement, LAN and WLAN.

Should you need any help regarding iptabels in this scenario, ask here and I will try to pitch in. I already have a similar setup running with my own iptables script. I am no networking expert, but I will be able to at least list what worked for me.

But rest assured, it is fun doing this stuff!


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