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Re: Update manager replacement?

On Tue July 1 2008, michael wrote:
> > Yeah, but every day I have minor things to update on the other
> > machine, but nothing on this one. And if I go to Synaptic, as
> > I did a few minutes ago, I learn that I have 122M worth of
> > updates to get through....
> >
> > So clearly I think there's something I need to be told, but
> > someone is not telling me :-)
> Okay, I'll have a closer look when I'm next sitting at a Debian Gnome
> console (and not this Fedora box which uses 'pup' to display list of new
> updates...)

I have the same issue on my login. I run Lenny, but I don't know when new 
updates are available. When I log in as guest, or any other login it gives me 
that orange ball that says there are updates available. I must have turned 
something off, but I have no idea what..

Paul Cartwright
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