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Re: how to install flash plugin for iceweasel on leny amd64?

On Mon, 2008-06-30 at 21:54 -0700, Brian Wells wrote:
> Dear Star Liu,
> This is top posting. It means writing your reply *above* what you are
> replying to, instead of *below*. People are asking you to stop doing
> that; finding out how to turn off HTML mail *does* depend on which
> e-mail provider you use, but top posting *doesn't*!
> Also, please don't send your debian-user messages to list servers other
> than lists.debian.org! If you do, and we hit "reply to sender" in our
> e-mail clients, we can't be certain it will get to debian-users. Plus,
> it gets such a high volume of messages that some of us have filters to
> send messages from it to a special folder; sending to anything but
> debian-user@lists.debian.org can defeat such filters (it did for me)!


Er, I meant "reply to recipients". It's actually labeled Reply to All in
Evolution, so I got confused. :/

- Brian Wells

And now for something completely off-topic:

You ain't learning nothing when you're talking.

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