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Re: Silly mistake in X config renders screen useless

On 06/30/2008 03:37 PM, Bryan Bishop wrote:
Now I'm finding that the old configuration isn't
working either. It's telling me that "ati" is not a valid driver. I've
ran apt-get install xorg-xserver-ati-video successfully, but this
hasn't solved the problem. X is telling me that there are no screens.
How did debian originally configure my screen? Running
dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg doesn't even ask me questions
about the screen, and the xorg.conf that it generates sends the fans
into the "screamo mode" and the machine into lockdown. Any more hints?

Try "X -configure". That allows X to attempt to configure itself, and it produces an xorg.conf-like file.

As you've probably learned by now, it's always a good idea to backup the old xorg.conf before making changes to it.

It sounds like you're using Sid or Lenny--correct?

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