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Re: ethernet configuration

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On 06/30/08 09:18, André Timpanaro wrote:
> I've installed etch recently and I'm having a real hard time configuring
> my ethernet connection.
> Firstly, each time the computer is rebooted it seems to create a new
> interface (for example, my only ethernet connection at this moment is eth7).
> Also, the Gnome's Network Settings program
> (Desktop\Administration\Networking, in the top panel) is not solving the
> problem. If I try to place the correct IP adresses and after that use
> 'ifconfig -a' it tells me that the connection is still configured
> incorrectly (even though, when I go back to Network Settings, they are
> correct). The only way to correctly configure it is using 'ifconfig' and
> 'route' (and this must be done every single time the computer is turned
> on or rebooted). Despite it all, the Network Settings works fine for the
> DNS server
> I think there must be something wrong in a configuration file, but I
> don't have the slightest idea.

The solution lays in editing this file:

You'll need your NIC's MAC address first, though.

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