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Re: cannot log on to msn using pidgin on lenny amd64


> Is it a known bug? How could I work it around? though i can use amsn
> instead, but i prefered pidgin.

sorry I cannot really help you, but aMSN (in etch) doesn't work, either
since some days. In the aMSN forum I read that it's not a server issue
but an issue of aMSN itself. Anyhow, something must have changed because
some days ago it did work. The latest SVN version of aMSN should work,
but I didn't try it. So installing aMSN from debian might not fix your
problem. Hope this will be fixed in the etch-package soon. Maybe someone
can make a bugreport, I don't know how/where, and the gnome built-in bug
reporting tool is buggy itself for me.
Maybe you can find a working pidgin or more infos on the pidgin website.


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