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Re: A newbie question about competing libs

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On 06/26/08 21:14, buyoppy wrote:
>> On 06/25/08 20:38, buyoppy wrote:
>>>  When I tried to build some application which
>> requires the
>>> latest version of some other lib, first I
>> installed that
>>> required lib from source into /usr/local/lib and
>>> ldconfiged. Older version of that lib which was
>> installed
>>> from package remains at /usr/lib. Then I tried to
>> build
>>> target application, I got a lot of "undefined
>> reference"
>>> errors.
>>>  I don't know the "usual" way to solve such a
>> problem.
>>> Should I uninstall older version of lib from
>> /usr/lib?
>>> Should I make(or change) link at /usr/lib to the
>> latest
>>> one ? Or should I install the latest version into
>>> ?usr/lib(not /usr/local/lib) in the first place?
>> Or
>>> should I deal with it by configuring options
>> appropriately
>>> during building process(I tried this by adding
>>> -L/usr/local/lib...)?
>>>  Could you give me any suggestion?
>> Are you running Etch?
>> What package is it?
>> Could you get the deb-src and build/install it on
>> your machine?
>  Yes, I'm running Etch4. I tried to install Evince-2.22.2.

Etch is way back at GNOME 2.16 (or 2.18?).  If you need GNOME 2.22,
then upgrade to Lenny or Sid.

> I'll soon try again it, but if possible I want to know
> "usual" policy or way of thinking about relation of
> competing libs at /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib. Is such a
> coexistance impermissible at all? 

GNOME is really huge, so I'd never run a mixed system system with
such widely aged libraries.

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