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Re: hello, houston (debian) we have a problem ....

On Tue, 2008-06-24 at 12:33 -0430, juan alberto zarate sanoja wrote:
> hi, my name is juan zarate from caracas - venezuela,
> I am developer of aplications (artificial intelligence, expert
> systems, tailor's made aplications)
> with over 20 years of experience
> and i am also, a linux administradtor certificated  by
> www.iseit.com.ve
> i write to you because I did bought a modem (huawei EC226)
> conection usb, but i can't use it with linux, can you help me?
> exist any way of work with this modem under linux?
> because i am working with debian and i like offer to my clients
> install debian but, i need the internet conection for this reason
> work with this modem is important to me. and in general is important
> to debian that all modem in the market can work under debian linux
> (the conection is very important).
> thank you for all.
> Note: If i can help to debian of any way, please tell me how?
> i will be happy of work with debian.
> juan zarate.
> movil phone
> 04142295995

My Spanish stinks, but I think that this page will help you.

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