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Re: How to Boot a Dell Optiplex 320?

2008/6/20 Kent West <westk@acu.edu>:
> Apparently the Dell Optiplex 320 is one odd piece of computer; the 'Net is
> full of people having trouble installing Linux on it. And I've just spent a
> day and a half trying to find a version of Windows that would install on it
> so I could update the BIOS to the most recent version, hoping that'd help.
> The best solution I've seen so far is to use this line at the installer's
> (Etch, I believe) LILO prompt:
> boot: install pci=nomsi
> That gets me farther than anything else I've tried, but when it tries to
> find the CD-ROM, it can't find the drive. (Apparently there's something
> really mucky about the SATA controller on this particular model of Dell.)
> So I tried going the route of doing a network install via
> http://www.goodbye-microsoft.com, but it installs grub and doesn't give me
> any option to feed the "pci=nomsi" parameter (or any other similar
> parameters); I've been unable to find a way to force this grub install to
> let me add boot arguments.
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> (Wow! I never thought I'd consider a Dell to be absolute cr*p, but this is
> it.)
> Thanks!
> --
> Kent West
> http://kentwest.blogspot.com

I may be misunderstanding, but when the grub menu comes up can you not
press 'e' to edit. If so select  kernel line and press 'e' again and
add option there. Hit the 'Return' key and then 'b' to boot.



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