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Re: CAD software for PCB engineering and routing

> Am 2008-06-18 13:24:06, schrieb al davis:
>> Yes.  Be more respectful of people who are trying to help you.
> I have gotten no reponse from Developers and others...
>> You say "not expensive" indicating your willingness to pay
>> something.  How about paying for improvements you want?
> I have payed arround 20.000 Euro  for  I  High-Performance  CAD  program
> which support simulations in real-time...  I used  it  to  construct  my
> Bio-Fuel-Raffinnerie...  Even it is complex, it is intuitiv!
> I can not say electric or "geda" are "intuitiv" the use of the interface
> is horribel...
>> You say you are a system administrator, EE, and consultant.  How
>> about providing some services to a project you would like to
>> see improved?
> I am developer and have my own enterprise (IT), working currently arround
> 16 hours a day and I am in creation of a NEW Enterprise in Morocco (Bio-
> Fuel) which went hit by three bombs on 2008-01-01 because "je deranger
> les intrets francaise"...
> I have not the time to bother with only half working software...
>> The projects you mention are starved for resources, as are many
>> free software projects.  The subtleties go a long way.
> My "electronic business" is strted with arround 4000 Euro and recently I
> have bought on eBay a used InfraRed Welding system  which  cost  normaly
> 2000 Euro... and yes, I have no money anymore...
> I am searching for a possibility to leave France as fast as possibel, but
> since the french authorities (Prefecture de Strasbourg) has  confiscated
> my Passport...  I have MANY problems...
> The frenchies ar specialists to create problems...
> (and NO, I am not french)
>> You have been here a while, and certainly must know how free
>> software works.  How about taking on one of the problems
>> yourself, solving it, and contributing the solution?  Just one
>> will go a long way.
> I need a software FAST!
> Even if I would spend 2000 Euro to a OSS  developer,  he/she  would  not
> develop a solution in a timeframe I need.  And since I have NO  time,  I
> already outsourcing jobs over <http://www.getacoder.com/>.
> I give a fsck on "WHO is working for me" because things must be done.
> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
>     Michelle Konzack
>     Systemadministrator
>     24V Electronic Engineer
>     Tamay Dogan Network
>     Debian GNU/Linux Consultant
> --
> Linux-User #280138 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org/
> ##################### Debian GNU/Linux Consultant #####################
> Michelle Konzack   Apt. 917                  ICQ #328449886
> +49/177/9351947    50, rue de Soultz         MSN LinuxMichi
> +33/6/61925193     67100 Strasbourg/France   IRC #Debian (irc.icq.com)

My (no defunct) company went through a similar search as you.  What we
found was some very good and very expensive software, primarily ported to
Suns, and some reasonably good and reasonably inexpensive software,
unfortunately ported to XP.  Perhaps others can suggest something that
combines the XP-like cost with (some of the) UNIX-like features.  Due to
cost reasons we ended up with the XP stuff.  Hope you find something that
matches your needs.

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