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Re: Debian on laptop

Am Samstag, 14. Juni 2008 15:41 schrieb Paul Cartwright:
> On Sat June 14 2008, Marloque wrote:
> > I would look into the Ubuntu laptops from Dell. If they run Ubuntu,
> > there's a chance they'll run Debian, since Ubuntu is based off of Debian.
> >
> > Must my two pennies.
> I have Debian running on my newer Dell XPS desktop, complete with NVIDIA
> drivers. I have Kubuntu running on my older XPS laptop, never tried Debian
> on it.
> --
> Paul Cartwright

I have Debian/Etch on a Dell Latitude D 520.
No Problems. 
The only thing that is a bit tricky is getting a picture of a video on the 
Beamer (clone-mode). For instance *.flv: You get the full picture on the lfp 
and the program-frame of the player over beamer, but not the movie. This area 
stays black.
Same with DVDs: Here you have to choose within Kaffeine/xine/video/xshm.
Don't ask me why

Bernd Kloss


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