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Re: Printing from a wireless laptop on LAN

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Sun June 8 2008, Marc Shapiro wrote:
I have set the server settings on the desktop to "Share published
printers connected to this system".
I restarted cupsd after making this change.
I have verified that the printers that I want the EEE to access are
published, according to CUPS.


between those 2 I got my Vista laptop printing from 2 printers attached to my Debian Lenny system ..
The first of these is for printing from Windows. Both the laptop and desktop are running Linux. The second one, on debiantutorials.org, is the one I had been using. It seemed straightforward, but the laptop still does not see the printer.

As I mentioned above, I set CUPS to "Share published printers" on the desktop and to "Show printers shared by other systems" on the laptop. Is there something else that I need to do? Do I need to modify any of the networking config files on the laptop for it to see the published printer? I don't need drivers on the laptop, do I? That would be a pain since I had to compile the latest version of gutenprint to recognize my printer. I'm not sure that I want to try to compile drivers on the EEE.
Any help appreciated.

Marc Shapiro

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