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Mihira Fernando wrote:
| On Monday 09 June 2008 08:41:50 steve wrote:
| [snip]
|> thats right, I did use courier, and apparently the error I am getting
|> now is "mail server at mail.reillyblog.com responded: chdir Maildir
|> failed"  the only thing I did different from that guide was to choose
|> internet site, not satellite as I did not want to use my ISP to deliver
|> mail.  Ill figure it out sooner or later, im pretty close i think?!
| That error message means the pop server cannot open the maildir
directory for
| the given user. This can happen for 2 reasons.
| 1. the path to maildirs is wrong
| 2. the maildir has not been created yet.
| If its #1, recheck the courier configuration to see if the path for the
| maildirs is correctly given. Basically, the path where Postfix saves the
| mails should be the same for the Courier to go and open up the mails.
| if its #2, Simply send an email to the given user before checking his
| Courier does not create the maildir folders automatically so if this is a
| brand new user, forst send the user a test mail so that the maildor
| will be created and then check email from thunderbird.
| Mihira.
ahh , thanks, ill check this tomorrow, been one long day at work today.
~ Im able to send mail to a user on the server, from say yahoo or google
webmail and I can open the message in /var/mail/username.  I havent been
able to figure out how to get thunderbird to get to download that mail!!
~ Ill check the courier config, im sure its there.

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Steve Reilly


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