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Re: Re: Re: Video Adapter intel965

On 07/06/2008, Сергей Овчар <78ovserg@mail.ru> wrote:
>  I can't understand what is the bullshit? Why dpkg-reconfigure
>  does not asked me about video adapter?

The bullshit is that Xorg now does autodetection better than the
Debian scripts could, so it doesn't have to ask you questions. At any
rate, if you want to override the autodetection, you can still edit
xorg.conf. It looks like the driver is loading, but it's too old in
etch to give you acceleration. But didn't you say you were running

If you want to run the newer driver with etch, you could always try to
backport it, but I've never seen what an X backport looks like; can't
help you there.

- Jordi G. H.

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