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Re: list of all background jobs

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
Consider the following scenario. I am on machine A.

user1@machineA $ ssh user2@machineB
user2@machineB $ nohup command1 &
user2@machineB $ nohup command2 &

Now if I use the jobs command, I can display the background jobs on this

user2@machineB $ jobs

[1] Running  nohup command1 &
[2] Running  nohup command2 &

Now if I exit the shell on machineB and come back to machineA.

user2@machineB $ exit
user1@machineA $

After some time (say after a day or so) I log back in to machineB.

user1@machineB $ ssh user2@machineB
user2@machineB $ jobs

then there is no output even though the jobs are being run in the

That is to be expected, since `jobs' is a shell builtin and lists backgrounded jobs running in that shell alone.

Is there any way to get information about all the jobs being
run in the background that belong to a particular user? In other words is
there any way to display information about [1],[2] jobs in the new shell?

Currently I am using a round about way to achieve this

user2@machineB $ ps aex | grep nohup | gvim -

Is there any better, more elegant solution for this problem?

I use `pgrep nohup' to find processes containing 'nohup' in the command, or `ps x -u <username>' to find processes belonging to a certain user.



If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
                                       -- Albert Einstein

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