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Re: Tab in Java

Ron Johnson on 18/05/08 00:05, wrote:
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On 05/17/08 17:40, Dotan Cohen wrote:
2008/5/18 Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net>:
One simple minded suggestion: try CTRL-I. That emits a tab character in many
contexts. But given the above, it probably won't work either.
Thanks. I tried Ctrl-l, but it did not work. Neither did any other
Ctrl-char for that matter. But good thinking nonetheless.
That's ^L.  Try ^I.

I sense a bash.org moment coming on...

I did try with the lowercase version of the key between "k" and ";".
But one can never be too sure. Just in case there are those who don't
know, in most fonts the uppercase eye glyph is one pixel shorter than
the lowercase el glyph, which is the maximum possible height:
Il (eye el)

I'd have thought that the I-beam shape of chr(73) would have given
away which character that OP meant.

But then, this is why html mail is evil, and Google Is Evil for
promoting it.

Back to tabbing in Java, I think you should be able to do something about it if you are the Java applet programmer, like another poster said. Theoretically it might be impossible but that's unlikely. But as for client-side options, I don't think Java offers anything.

Surely though there is some software that allows you to control the mouse via the keyboard?


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