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Re: Blue movies - literally!

andy wrote:
Raj Kiran Grandhi wrote:
andy wrote:
I am attempting to play a video file, but the image is just varying shades of blue. I had this once before and logged out and back in, which cleared it temporarily. However, now it has come back again. This is despite the mediaplayer I am using - kaffeine or mplayer or vlc. What do I look for to even debug it?



It could be a hardware issue. Try changing the video output driver to a software based one (`-vo x11 -zoom' in mplayer should do) and see if it helps.

Alternatively, you can try playing from a newly created user account to check if it has anything to do with your configuration setup.

Hi Raj

Yes, this *does* help. Now, how would I make this the default for apps like vlc xine kaffeine and all of the rest? I guess that it is a question of setting this up as a system default. Any ideas?

You can put it in /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf or ~/.mplayer/config. The lines to add are:


I am not so sure of vlc and others. Be aware, however, that the software based rendering and scaling are significantly slower and highly cpu intensive. It may be worth the effort to troubleshoot and video driver issues you may be facing regarding hardware rendering.



Raj Kiran Grandhi
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