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gpg trust paths

The wiki page for the recent OpenSSL vulnerability offers a perl script
for checking keys, and a gpg signature for that script, and a key id for
that signature (that of Florian Weimer)

I can import the key as shown, and show that the script was indeed
signed by that key.

However, gpg warns me that it can't tell that that key indeed belongs to
Florian Weimer.

How can I fill in that gap, to properly verify the file?

I have signed keys of several people who have been to keysigning parties
at several debconfs, so I feel I should have a trust path to anybody of
significance in the Debian community - though I could be proved wrong.

I've also added the debian keyserver to my ~/.gnupg/options, as well as
the keyring from the debian-keyring package.

Is there a step I'm missing?



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